Capitol Police Facebook
Capitol Police Facebook

Our Mission

Missouri Capitol Police is committed to providing quality service and protection for the safety of
the community we serve through professionalism, fairness, personal honor and integrity.

Our Vision and Values

Quality Service for our community of legislators, elected officials, state employees and visitors by:

  • Enforcing the law
  • Responding promptly to calls for service
  • Preventing crime
  • Investigating crimes
  • Providing assistance to our community

Professionalism is fundamental in earning respect and confidence of our community by:

  • Being polite and courteous
  • Showing understanding
  • Showing empathy and concern
  • Showing pride in our profession

Fairness by providing equal treatment of all persons without prejudice or bias by:

  • Treating all persons with dignity and respect
  • Expressing compassion in our attitudes and in our communications
  • Ensuring consistency in decision-making without favoritism

Personal honor and integrity to earn the trust, respect, and confidence in our community by:

  • Being honest and maintaining high ethical standards
  • Living by the rules we enforce
  • Having sound moral principles
  • Commitment and strong sense of pride serving in our profession