Since 1983, Missouri Capitol Police has been the primary law enforcement agency for the 72-acre state office building campus known as the Capitol Complex. Located within that area are: the State Capitol Building, Jefferson Building, Transportation Building, Supreme Court, James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center, Broadway Building, Truman Building, Governor’s Mansion, Jefferson Landing historic site and associated parking facilities and grounds. In recent years, Capitol Police has expanded its services to include state agencies and facilities that have moved from the Capitol Complex to other areas in Jefferson City. Capitol Police has statutory authority on all state-owned/leased property in Cole County. Capitol Police oversees a computerized, centrally monitored, fire/life safety/after-hours entry control system in the Capitol Complex buildings.

Field Operations

Missouri Capitol Police officers patrol the buildings and grounds in their jurisdiction 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patrols are made on foot, by vehicle and on bicycle. Criminal investigations, medical emergencies, traffic accidents, security and fire alarms and security escorts are only a few of the many incidents and calls for service officers provide to over 15,000 state employees and over 200,000 annual visitors to the seat of government.

Executive Protection

Since 1978, officers have staffed the Missouri Governor’s Mansion. A team of specially trained and certified police officers are assigned on a fulltime basis to the Missouri Governor’s Mansion. Officers on this team provide residential security for the state’s first family 24 hours a day. Training has been provided for these officers by the U.S. Secret Service and other executive protection agencies.

Communications Operations

In addition to radio and telephone communications with the public and other agencies, communications operators are responsible for management of a fire/life safety monitoring system, which includes fire, intrusion and duress alarms, after-hours building access for most complex facilities, and collection of weather-related information for implementation and dispersal of the State Employee’s Hazardous Travel Policy.

Special Services

Police members provide specialized training and services on request. Special investigations involving suspected criminal conduct, site security surveys and programs covering personal safety and other safety-related issues have been provided at several sites in Jefferson City.